Doorbell Extender Reviews

STI 32000 Wireless Doorbell Extender.
If you can’t hear your doorbell from the backyard or upstairs room use this Wireless Doorbell to hear your doorbell in a larger area. The transmitter can be easy attaches to your wireless doorbell. When somebody touches your doorbell button the transmitter will play a doorbell chime. The front doorbell can play among 6 melodies. The other doorbell plays a “dong” sound.


STI 32000 Wireless Doorbell Extender._ For protection, there are 32 individual codes to secure versus outside disturbance. Just plug the receiver into any kind of basic power outlet for doorbell signals near the place you need it.. Device is FCC licensed. Receiver can be used up to 150 feet from transmitter.There are three levels for volume : reduced, medium, high. Components include: chime receiver, chime transmitter, double-sided tape.